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Prof. Fabio Gramazio, Prof. Matthias Kohler

Robotic Assembly  
In-situ robotic assembly of 1500 discrete timber modules, The Fragile Structure thesis elective course, 2012

The Chair of Architecture and Digital Fabrication examines the effects of changing conditions in production on architecture. Particular interest is given to the interconnection of data and material and the resulting implications for architectural design. Here, novel building components specified on a computer and fabricated directly by machine not only broaden the spectrum of possibilities for construction, but through the direct incorporation of comprehensive material and fabrication data within the design process also constitute a unique architectural expression and a new aesthetic.

With this in mind, the world’s first industrial robotic laboratory for non-standard architectural assembly processes was built in 2005 on the basis of an industrial robot; it is capable of fabricating and working with a large number of building elements at full scale. The facilities, which were expanded in 2011 with the addition of three model-making robots and a mobile construction robot capable of being deployed directly on building sites, ensure a broad range of learning opportunities and enable us to pursue national and international research projects.

Since 2011 our chair has also been represented by its own research module at the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) in Singapore; the main focus of the module is to research the design of robotically fabricated high-rise buildings in the urban context of Singapore. Our chair also explores the broader contextualization of digital forms of production and their effects on the discipline of architecture in numerous international exhibition and publication projects such as the Venice Biennale or Flight Assembled Architecture in Orléans.

Prototypical 1:1 concrete element developed in collaboration with Prof. Christophe Girot (ILA) and Yael Girot (Atelier Girot), Procedural Landscapes thesis elective course, 2011
Flight Assembled  
Gramazio & Kohler/Raffaello DiAndrea in collaboration with ETH Zurich, 'Flight Assembled Architecture', installation, FRAC Centre, OrlEans, 2011. Photo: Francois Lauginie.
Complex Structure  
Complex spatial structure robotically assembled form of a large number of linear elements, Spatial Aggregations elective course, 2012.
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