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«In the laboratory of digital construction»

The NZZ newspaper reports on the Arch_Tec_Lab: «Digitalisation will soon revolutionize architectural construction. Out of this conviction, six professors of the ETH's Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) have built a laboratory for architecture. It's giant robots are waiting for tricky construction tasks» Read more 


«Science-Fiction at Zürich's Hönggerberg»

The Tagesanzeiger newspaper reports on the Arch_Tec_Lab, new home to the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA): : «It is a time-machine, allowing for a view into the future of building.» Read more 


«The future of building stands»

Swiss-Architects reports on the newly opened Arch_Tec_Lab: «Planning and construction of the Arch_Tec_Lab were an integrated process, steered by six professors at the Instititute of Technology in Architecture (ITA). Resource-saving, spatially densified and equipped with a minimum of installations, the Arch_Tec_Lab stands for «the new construction 2.0» Read more 


«Programmed, not designed!»

SRF Radio reports on the Arch_Tec_Lab in it's regional radiobroadcast. Head of Department, Professor Sacha Menz explains: «The roof is programmed, not designed. It has been made entirely by robots. Tailor-made mass production will play an important role in the future of  architectural construction » Read more 


«The ETH opens a Laboratory for technology in Architecture»

The Tagblatt reports on the opening of the ITA's new building, the Arch_Tec_Lab: «as a team, the researchers want to find ways to implement digital technologies in collaborative planning processes. The goal of the Arch_Tec_Lab is to find resource and energy saving methods of construction.» Read more 


«At the ETH, a robot has constructed a roof for the first time»

'20 Minuten' reports on the new home of the Institute of Architecture, the Arch_Tec_Lab: «Smartphones, wireless headphones and Robots: new technologies have become a part of our everyday lives. With the Arch_Tec_Lab, digitalisation is being pushed forward in architecture» Read more 


«A home for digital construction»

The 'Landbote' reports on the newly opened Arch_Tec_Lab: « The Arch_Tec_Lab represents exactly what it stands for: digital construction. It aims to bridge the gap between digital technologies and physical construction processes » Read more 


The pioneering Arch_Tec_Lab

TEC21 publishes a special issue on the Arch_Tec_Lab: "The ETH's new Arch_Tec_Lab showcases the contribution that can be made to the future of construction through research, new technologies and digitalisation. Reason enough to devote a special issue to this pioneering project."  Read more 


We are moving!

The Arch_Tec_Lab is the new home to the Institute of Technology in Architecture on ETH's Hönggerberg campus. As of mid August the chairs of the institute are moving into the Arch_Tec_Lab. We are looking forward to this stimulating environment! September 22nd the building is officially opened, September 29th we throw a party for students and staff kicking off the semester in the new premises.  Read more 


Arch_Tec_Lab Under one Roof

TEC21 reports on the progress of the Arch_Tec_Lab roof; first impressions of its spatial and lighting atmosphere.  Read more 


'3for2' paper published in CTBUH Journal

CTBUH publishes the paper on the '3for2' research project. 3for2 is one of the Chair of Architecture and Building Systems current research projects at the Singapore-ETH Centre. Read more 


«Public space Evolution in High-density Living in Singapore»

The results of the Singapore ETH Centre's Module X research on public space evolution in high density living in Singapore has been published. Edited by Sacha Menz, the book investigates the development of public spaces in state-funded residential contruction. Six housing examples are systematically examined, looking at both public space provision and its effect on social aspects. Read more 


«Innovative Giant»

ETH Globe (4/2015, p.8) on the installation of the 3D-printing technology «Rock Print» which is shown at the Chicago Architecture Biennial entitled ‹State of the Art of Architecture›. Read more 


«The energy Turbo»

Prof. em. Hansjürg Leibundugt on obstacles and his plan concerning a turnaround in energy policy in Switzerland, 23 October 2015, «Tages-Anzeiger» (Picture: Tom Kawara) Read more 


Arch_Tec_Lab Topping out Ceremony

TEC21 reports on the topping out ceremony of the Arch_Tec_Lab, August 20th 2015. Read more 


«Arch_Tec-Lab: Built Research»

TEC21 reports on the 1:1 research being done at the Arch_Tec_Lab: «Building as research, is the idea behind the abbreviation Arch_Tec_Lab. For the Institute of Technology in Architecture at the ETH a groundbreaking building is being planned, which will house a research-laboratory for the future of construction on a scale of 1:1."» Read more 


Appointment as Assistant Professor

Upon application of the President of ETH Zurich at its meeting of 23/24 September 2015 the ETH Board appointed Professor Benjamin Dillenburger as Assistant Professor of Digital Building Technologies. He has attracted international attention for his outstanding work in opening up new fields in construction. 3D architectural printing is one of his key areas of research. Read more 


«Europes largest gantry robot»

TEC21 reports on the construction of the Arch_Tec_Lab roof at ERNE AG, which is using Europes largest gantry robot. "More than 45 000 Elements are joined into the freeform roof of the Arch_Tec_Lab building of the ETH"  Read more 


«How the ETH is defying the norm»

The NZZ reports on the planning of the Arch_Tec_Lab: «The department of Architecture is using all its competence in planning a building, in which nothing is standard. The Professors speak of research on a 1:1 scale.» Read more 

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