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«In the laboratory of digital construction»

The NZZ newspaper reports on the Arch_Tec_Lab: «Digitalisation will soon revolutionize architectural construction. Out of this conviction, six professors of the ETH's Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) have built a laboratory for architecture. It's giant robots are waiting for tricky construction tasks» Read more 


«Science-Fiction at Zürich's Hönggerberg»

The Tagesanzeiger newspaper reports on the Arch_Tec_Lab, new home to the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA): : «It is a time-machine, allowing for a view into the future of building.» Read more 


«The future of building stands»

Swiss-Architects reports on the newly opened Arch_Tec_Lab: «Planning and construction of the Arch_Tec_Lab were an integrated process, steered by six professors at the Instititute of Technology in Architecture (ITA). Resource-saving, spatially densified and equipped with a minimum of installations, the Arch_Tec_Lab stands for «the new construction 2.0» Read more 


«Programmed, not designed!»

SRF Radio reports on the Arch_Tec_Lab in it's regional radiobroadcast. Head of Department, Professor Sacha Menz explains: «The roof is programmed, not designed. It has been made entirely by robots. Tailor-made mass production will play an important role in the future of  architectural construction » Read more 


«The ETH opens a Laboratory for technology in Architecture»

The Tagblatt reports on the opening of the ITA's new building, the Arch_Tec_Lab: «as a team, the researchers want to find ways to implement digital technologies in collaborative planning processes. The goal of the Arch_Tec_Lab is to find resource and energy saving methods of construction.» Read more 


«At the ETH, a robot has constructed a roof for the first time»

'20 Minuten' reports on the new home of the Institute of Architecture, the Arch_Tec_Lab: «Smartphones, wireless headphones and Robots: new technologies have become a part of our everyday lives. With the Arch_Tec_Lab, digitalisation is being pushed forward in architecture» Read more 


«A home for digital construction»

The 'Landbote' reports on the newly opened Arch_Tec_Lab: « The Arch_Tec_Lab represents exactly what it stands for: digital construction. It aims to bridge the gap between digital technologies and physical construction processes » Read more 


The pioneering Arch_Tec_Lab

TEC21 publishes a special issue on the Arch_Tec_Lab: "The ETH's new Arch_Tec_Lab showcases the contribution that can be made to the future of construction through research, new technologies and digitalisation. Reason enough to devote a special issue to this pioneering project."  Read more 


Arch_Tec_Lab Under one Roof

TEC21 reports on the progress of the Arch_Tec_Lab roof; first impressions of its spatial and lighting atmosphere.  Read more 


Arch_Tec_Lab Topping out Ceremony

TEC21 reports on the topping out ceremony of the Arch_Tec_Lab, August 20th 2015. Read more 


«Arch_Tec-Lab: Built Research»

TEC21 reports on the 1:1 research being done at the Arch_Tec_Lab: «Building as research, is the idea behind the abbreviation Arch_Tec_Lab. For the Institute of Technology in Architecture at the ETH a groundbreaking building is being planned, which will house a research-laboratory for the future of construction on a scale of 1:1."» Read more 


«Europes largest gantry robot»

TEC21 reports on the construction of the Arch_Tec_Lab roof at ERNE AG, which is using Europes largest gantry robot. "More than 45 000 Elements are joined into the freeform roof of the Arch_Tec_Lab building of the ETH"  Read more 


«How the ETH is defying the norm»

The NZZ reports on the planning of the Arch_Tec_Lab: «The department of Architecture is using all its competence in planning a building, in which nothing is standard. The Professors speak of research on a 1:1 scale.» Read more 

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