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A Research Project at a Scale of 1:1

A group of researchers at the ETH Zurich’s Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) were inspired by the following hypotheses when it came to developing the new Arch_Tech_Lab:

  • Digitisation in the construction process and the use of robotics represent the foundation for future innovations in the building industry
  • “Zero-emissions architecture” can be achieved by means of compartmentalised and decentralised systems
  • Buildings that are free of central supporting structures not only afford usable free space but also allow for future repurposing
  • The maintenance and spatial densification/expansion of existing buildings preserve utilised resources and promote long-term added value
  • Research is transdisciplinary, which is why a minimum of space assigned to a specific purpose can create room for freely assembled research groups and internal communication  

The new building will be characterised by digital fabrication, the implementation of building information modelling (BIM), and the zero-emissions concept and in the process forge new paths within digitalised and process-oriented construction systems in the building industry. It will densify and help preserve the Hönggerberg campus’s existing structure and will require no additional land resources. Its unusual stilted structure, the striking design of its digitally fabricated timber roof, and the open and free design of the floor plan will ensure that it stands apart from conventional university buildings.

The project will allow the most recent findings from the institute’s own research to be tested and ultimately introduced as possible new building systems in the construction industry’s innovation process. This will enable us to erect important bridges between the ETH Zurich’s research units and institutions in the construction industry.

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